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News | Sustainability | 5 Jun, 2023 | 08:00

Renovation wave in lighting market

Improving and maintaining existing buildings is an effective approach to mitigating the climate impact of the construction sector. About 85-95 % of the buildings that exist today within the EU will still be standing in 2050 and in October 2020, the EU unveiled its "Renovation Wave Strategy," aiming to at least double renovation rates over the next decade.

At Fagerhult Group, we have witnessed a growing demand in the renovation market and we actively participate in numerous renovation projects worldwide. In fact, buildings are responsible for 40 % of global energy consumption and 15 % of a building's energy consumption is related to lighting.

In the renovating projects we upgrade the luminaires from our own brands as well as products from other brands with the latest LED technology. Retaining the luminaire housing significantly reduces the amount of raw material used and maintains the original architectural expression. Furthermore, during the renovating projects we often install smart lighting solutions to maximize energy efficiency even more. By upgrading the luminaires with the latest technology we can potentially reduce energy consumption by up to 90 %.  

Our journey so far has provided valuable insights, and we continuously strive to develop innovative methods and techniques to push the boundaries of our ambition in assisting customers in achieving their climate objectives.

We see exciting development within our brands, for example "Second Life" at ateljé Lyktan, "Vitality Relight" at Whitecroft, "Re:Furbish" at Fagerhult
 and retrofit initiatives at Designplan.